Friday, July 7, 2017

Television and Positive Male Role Models

As I have posted before, I have been getting really into vlogs.  I finally started watching some teacher vlogs.  They are great to watch while you are cooking or walking on a treadmill.  On one of the vlogs I watched, this teacher was talking about how kids are not getting good male role models in their lives and on television.  The vlog was from A Cozy Classroom.  She talked about how many of her students are growing up with a single-parent raising them and most times it’s a woman. 

As a male first grade teacher, this perked my interest.  She got a lot of slack from her comments.  However, I completely agree with most of what she said.  She went on to talk about how many single-parent families use the television as a babysitter.  She was not judging but just stating what she has noticed.  As these students are watching cartoons like, Fairly Odd Parents, the dad and the God father are complete morons.  They say and do dumb things.  However, thankfully there is a woman there to save them and have all the smarts.    

Not only have these types of male role models been seen in cartoons but also in commercials.  The men cannot do anything and a woman has to do the work because the men are too dumb.  It is so frustrating that kids are seeing this as the norm... men are dumb and women know it all. 

This touched me because I, too, work in a school were many of my students are being raised by a single mother and their father is not really in the picture.  Some are lucky and have an awesome grandpa or uncle who is providing that model for the kids.  However, that is not always the case.  So, the student is seeing these stereotypes of a father/husband and start to think that that’s how men should act.  We need to stop this kind of man shaming and stop the gender stereotypes.  Television needs to provide more positive male role models in children’s programming.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Watching Vlogs

I am getting really into vlogs.  I love them!  I will usually watch them as I cook dinner.  I seriously love them!  Obviously, I just said that twice.  I got really into watching vlogs by Christopher Allen on YouTube.  I watched a bullet journal video first but he has a bunch of vlogs on his channel, too.  I have also started watching some clean with me videos which also started with Christopher Allen.  I have been watching some cleaning tip vlogs, too.  As I am cooking, I will turn YouTube on my iPhone 6s Plus.  I use a stand that is supposed to be used for tablets for when you are looking at recipes as you cook.  I believe it came from Amazon.  I will post a picture when I can.

Now, I am on the hunt for teacher vlogs.  Any suggestions, post comments down below.  Would love to hear your suggestions.  I have a bunch on my watch list on my YouTube channel.  I haven’t started watching a lot of teacher vlogs, yet.  I have watched a few and they were pretty good but I am on the hunt for others.  I was on the fence on starting a vlogging aspect on my YouTube channel.  I currently have planner videos and some classroom tutorials on my channel right now.  However, I feel like I do not do enough with it.  Also, maybe someone else might be interested in watching me doing a teacher oriented vlog videos. 

I’m hoping that by watching these teacher vlogs, that I can gain some new knowledge all while I multi-task while cooking dinner.  I used to listen to Pandora while I cooked but I am hooked on these vlogs.  I am constantly looking for new tips and ideas that I can do in my classroom.  I will usually check Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs to find new things to try.  
Also, comment below of any vlogs that you may love that are not teaching vlogs.  I do not care as long as they are good.  I am always looking to improve my teaching.  Who doesn't want to be the best for their students?!