Thursday, July 6, 2017

Watching Vlogs

I am getting really into vlogs.  I love them!  I will usually watch them as I cook dinner.  I seriously love them!  Obviously, I just said that twice.  I got really into watching vlogs by Christopher Allen on YouTube.  I watched a bullet journal video first but he has a bunch of vlogs on his channel, too.  I have also started watching some clean with me videos which also started with Christopher Allen.  I have been watching some cleaning tip vlogs, too.  As I am cooking, I will turn YouTube on my iPhone 6s Plus.  I use a stand that is supposed to be used for tablets for when you are looking at recipes as you cook.  I believe it came from Amazon.  I will post a picture when I can.

Now, I am on the hunt for teacher vlogs.  Any suggestions, post comments down below.  Would love to hear your suggestions.  I have a bunch on my watch list on my YouTube channel.  I haven’t started watching a lot of teacher vlogs, yet.  I have watched a few and they were pretty good but I am on the hunt for others.  I was on the fence on starting a vlogging aspect on my YouTube channel.  I currently have planner videos and some classroom tutorials on my channel right now.  However, I feel like I do not do enough with it.  Also, maybe someone else might be interested in watching me doing a teacher oriented vlog videos. 

I’m hoping that by watching these teacher vlogs, that I can gain some new knowledge all while I multi-task while cooking dinner.  I used to listen to Pandora while I cooked but I am hooked on these vlogs.  I am constantly looking for new tips and ideas that I can do in my classroom.  I will usually check Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs to find new things to try.  
Also, comment below of any vlogs that you may love that are not teaching vlogs.  I do not care as long as they are good.  I am always looking to improve my teaching.  Who doesn't want to be the best for their students?!

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